Digital Signage Trends to Look Forward to in the Rest of 2023

As we move further into 2023, the realm of digital signage is evolving at a rapid pace, transforming the way businesses and organizations engage with their audiences. With technology constantly pushing boundaries, the rest of the year holds exciting prospects for the digital signage industry. Let's take a closer look at the trends that are set to shape the landscape of digital signage in the coming months, and how Breeze Digital Signage can support those trends.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to revolutionize the way content is created and displayed on digital signage. AI-driven dynamic content will become increasingly popular, allowing businesses to tailor their messages in real-time based on various factors like audience demographics, weather conditions, and even foot traffic. This personalized approach will enhance customer engagement and drive better results for marketing campaigns. Using AI is particularly useful in creating visually appealing content, then uploading via Breeze's easy to use file upload tool, allowing for high quality photos, videos, and even audio to be used in your digital signage. 

AI-Powered Dynamic Content

July 31, 2023

Voice technology has already taken the consumer electronics market by storm, and it's now making its way into digital signage solutions. In the coming months, voice-activated digital signage will gain traction, allowing users to interact with displays using voice commands. This hands-free approach will be particularly useful in various settings, such as retail, transportation hubs, and healthcare facilities, where touchless interactions are becoming more prevalent. Here at Keywest Technology, we've seen interest in this topic growing rapidly, and we are dedicated to finding the perfect solution for our clients. 

Voice-Activated Digital Signage

Environmental consciousness continues to gain prominence in the business world, and digital signage is not immune to this trend. In the rest of 2023, expect to see more sustainable signage solutions that utilize energy-efficient displays, incorporate recycled materials, and promote eco-friendly practices. Brands will embrace green signage as a way to showcase their commitment to sustainability and resonate with environmentally-conscious audiences. Consider using Breeze's Rs-232 commands to allow your signage to be energy efficient by scheduling on/off times as needed throughout the day or week. 

Sustainability-Focused Signage Solutions

With growing concerns about data privacy, governments and regulatory bodies are likely to impose stricter compliance measures for data collection and usage. In the rest of 2023, businesses operating digital signage networks will need to prioritize data privacy and invest in secure data management practices. Transparency in data collection and usage will be essential to build and maintain trust with users, and ensuring a secure digital signage environment will be a top priority. Breeze is a secure cloud based server with no data mixing, so rest assured that your, and your customer's, information is safe and secure with us. 

The rest of 2023 promises to be an exciting period for digital signage, with innovative technologies and customer-centric approaches driving the industry forward. Brands that embrace these trends and adapt to the changing landscape of digital signage will gain a competitive edge and forge more meaningful connections with their audiences. As the year unfolds, keep an eye on these trends as they continue to shape the future of visual communication and brand engagement. What trends do you hope to see flourish? 

Increased Data Privacy Compliance

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