AI + Digital Signage

Not long ago, the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) was a thing of the future in most of our minds. Sooner than later, it began finding its way into the technology and IT industries, and has since exploded into a wide variety of industry verticals, including healthcare, transportation, and customer service, and it’s just getting started.

OpenAI, an organization who set out on a mission to create technology that would benefit humanity as a whole, has had a hand in the massive domination that AI has had across all industries. They have created a variety of products, projects, & systems within the artificial intelligence sphere, to support their mission to benefit the entire world with their creation and innovation. One of OpenAI’s products is the heavily-talked about ChatGPT, an AI language model, which can generate human-like text based on the prompt it's given, such as “write an essay on how AI is changing the world”. When you ask ChatGPT itself, it states: "AI has revolutionized software development by automating repetitive tasks, reducing development time, and improving software quality and efficiency through advanced testing and analysis."

The possibilities are endless with AI and Breeze Digital Signage.

What are you waiting for? 

February 14, 2023

Another portion of the tech industry has also taken the world by storm, creating innovative entertainment, information, and otherwise providing content to the masses across a variety of platforms, industries, and types: digital signage. We at Keywest Technology consider ourselves digital signage experts, and always at the forefront of what is new, exciting, and innovative in the world of digital signage, especially when it comes to Breeze Digital Signage, our simple, user-friendly cloud-based digital signage software. Some options would be using different AI products for copywriting generation, image creation, or even using ChatGPT with our custom webpage widget for a low-code custom webpage. There’s a lot of possibilities out there, and with the combination of digital signage and AI, the possibilities are continuously expanding.

We can expect AI to continuously change other industries, too, like transportation, healthcare, city planning, customer service, and marketing. AI use has grown over 270% in various industries over the last four years, and is expected to create over 97 million jobs within the next 2 years. We can expect AI to open a lot of possibilities in the tech industry, including boosting productivity, creating customized experiences, and offering ways to create new, low-code content, and a lot of possibilities within digital signage.