Why Keywest?

With a wide variety of digital signage companies present in an ever growing industry and competitive market, you may be asking yourself: Why Keywest and Breeze over other brands? What sets Keywest Technology apart from others in the industry who are louder or larger? We’re glad you asked.

Keywest Technology is comprised of a small team of experts in a wide variety of fields. We have the unique approach of providing top-notch customer support, while also providing information and product education so that our clients are able to utilize their Breeze Digital Signage to its potential. Our interface is easy to use, simple to update or make changes, and easily accessible, making it a win-win: superior customer service, with a user friendly software design. Other companies may offer one or the other, but we offer both, making your digital signage experience exceptional.

Breeze TOTALCARE, or Breeze: the subscription, includes everything needed for a worry-free digital signage experience; such as exceptional customer support, proactive issue resolution, managed backup and recovery, automatic software maintenance and updates, private domain hosting within the Breeze cloud, and system monitoring within business hours. Every Breeze player includes a license for our user friendly signage software and each player is covered by a perpetual hardware warranty, so if it ever fails, we'll replace it.

Here at Keywest Technology, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve and update our Breeze Digital Signage, and often take user feedback into account, ensuring that we stay up to date on the most important things to our clients: usability, functionality, and creativity. With Breeze, the possibilities are endless, thanks to our amazing clients who have given us constructive feedback & offered insight into their experiences.

Keywest Technology offers a unique approach to the digital signage world: a small team that provides an exceptional sales experience, top-notch customer support, product education, superior technical assistance, a perpetual hardware warranty, an included software license, and automatic updates, making your experience worry free, and a Breeze. 

A Unique, Small Team


Cutting Edge Technology

august 8, 2022