What’s Trending in Digital Signage?

With the digital world consistently obsessed with the next-best-thing, it’s no surprise that the world of digital signage is, too. Check out some fun and unique ideas to use for your Breeze digital signage to stay up to date on the latest eye-catching ideas!

Integrating and including your organization or brand’s social media has never been more popular! Whether your signage is in your main lobby welcoming guests, your breakroom providing information to your employees, or a digital directory located by an elevator, adding your social media feeds, handles, and QR codes not only create interest in your signage, but also drive traffic to your social media accounts, and even your website, thus increasing your reach and engagement. Your marketing team will thank you! Here at Breeze, we offer a Twitter widget, so you can embed your Twitter feed right into your playlists!

Breeze TotalCare Tip: Be sure to create on-brand content for your organization by uploading your logo and using your brand colors!

Social Media Integration

January 30, 2023

Gone are the days of a screen mounted to a wall with images, text, or powerpoint slides being shown. Our users have reported an increasing interest in interactive signage: that is, signage that has a touch functionality, with buttons, swiping, or zooming in and out. The possibilities are endless with interactive, but some ideas include: a timeline of your organization, buttons that lead to the services your organization offers, or an interactive “map” graphic for your location. Our interactive functionality has an amazing amount of versatility and create (almost) anything you have in mind!

Interactive Signage

When attention spans are at an all time low- 8.25 seconds, to be exact- it can be difficult to know what will grab your audience’s attention, and keep it. Dynamic content has you covered! Utilizing a variety of content, like videos, crawls, and other widgets, you can create dynamic content that is sure to keep your audience intrigued and entertained. Pair these content ideas using Breeze’s unique zone layouts, and with the layering possibilities within Breeze, you’ll be sure to create content that inspires, interests, and educates your audience!

Interesting, Dynamic Content

With the growing possibility of individuals being able to pretend to be someone else online, security surrounding important assets, digital signage included, are a necessity for peace of mind; and with the days of many staff members working remotely, the ability to update signage in just a few clicks, from anywhere, is required. Breeze requires a login with each use, and you can create and set user permissions, as well as remove users from the server whenever needed. Breeze also offers a secure, cloud based server, so you can have the security you need, with the flexibility of a cloud-based software so that you can manage your digital signage anywhere and everywhere- even on the beach.

A Secure, Cloud-Based Software