Digital Signage 101: Types of Digital Signage

We’ve learned about what digital signage is overall, but it’s time to dive deeper into the different types of digital signage. The beauty of digital signage is that it’s highly flexible, so any one type can work for a variety of methods, reasons, or functions, and we are able to truly transform displays with Breeze Digital Signage every day.

Single input digital signage is the bare-bones, basic setup you’ll find in a variety of uses, most commonly in lobbies, used for menu boards, and other simplistic views, such as break and waiting rooms. Single input is great for simple, visually clean content, that doesn’t need a ton of power, but can still create beautiful content for displays, created right inside of our easy to use content creator in your Breeze Digital Signage Server.

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Single Input

February 27, 2023

Directories are a fantastic tool for universities, large corporate offices, and healthcare facilities alike. This allows your visitors, students, and other guests to easily find the location of a lecture, office, or meeting, by listing the person or event along with the room or floor number. These can be dressed up, using Breeze widgets, such as the weather or an RSS feed, or dressed down, by simply deploying the Readerboard widget. The best part? These work hand-in-hand with our Signwave doorcards, and you can seamlessly sync a calendar for events and meetings, automating your signage, and making it as easy as a day at the beach!


Digital doorcards are the peanut butter to directories’ jelly: they work together to create a beautifully branded, cohesive design for your audience. Doorcards are placed just outside the door of meeting rooms, lecture halls, and other important spaces that require scheduling of some type. These can sync with one of many event provider systems, or even your Office 365 calendar! Our digital doorcard brand, Signwave, is sure to impress you and your audience with efficient, beautiful signage.


Video walls are an amazing tool to WOW your audience and create dynamic content that is visually heavy and interesting. Most common uses for video walls are main entrances, front desks, lobbies, and other large spaces that can accommodate 2+ displays stacked together horizontally or vertically. Video walls tell a story unlike any other type of signage: one that keeps your audience guessing and intrigued!

Video Walls

Ready to put your audience in the driver’s seat? Look no further than interactive digital signage kiosks. These flexible, innovative digital signage displays are amazing for creating interactive directories, maps, and entertainment content, like a timeline of your nonprofit, graduating class photos, or even fun animal facts! Interactive kiosks allow your audience to immerse themselves in content and learn more about you and your organization, increasing their brand awareness and retention.

Interactive Kiosks