Readerboard & Signwave: Streamline Your Meetings + Directories

Signwave Digital Doorcards are ideal for businesses, universities, and other organizations who want to save time, energy, and resources when it comes to their meeting room management. Best of all? Signwave is built inside of Breeze Digital Signage, combining digital signage software with meeting room management software, for simple, easy updates + regular use.

Signwave is able to integrate with a variety of EMS softwares and calendars, including google calendar, 25Live, LibraryMarket, office365 and Exchange, Ad Astra, Amadeus Delphi, Accruent, and many others! To integrate your calendar is simple: simply add the calendar login provisions or link to the event providers section in your Breeze server, found within the configuration panel. Then, add the Signwave widget to your playlist, choose the calendar from the dropdown list, and publish the playlist to the Signwave Player of choice. Finally, ensure the correct calendar or event list is chosen for that player within the player settings, and update the player. Now, you have successfully integrated your player!

If you’re looking to take your meeting room management a step further and create digital directories of your meeting rooms, lecture halls, or classrooms, look no further than Readerboard inside of Breeze Digital Signage. With Readerboard, you can seamlessly share your EMS or calendar events all in one place, create digital directories for display in your organization, and combine a directory and calendar for the ultimate digital signage directory. To do so, simply follow the same process as the Signwave integration, but choose the Readerboard widget instead of the Signwave widget during the playlist creation.

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How to use Signwave

Digital directories are a Breeze with Readerboard

March 31, 2023

Meeting Room Management
In busy healthcare facilities, it can be difficult to know if a meeting room is readily available, or what room has which meeting. With Signwave Digital Doorcards, the guesswork is gone. Meeting room management is never easier than the simple experience of syncing your calendar or EMS with Signwave, allowing your audience to easily find meetings based upon the digital door card Signage. Have to move a meeting? No problem. Updates are a breeze with Signwave, unlike paper or other physical door cards.


Digital directories and digital room management can not only save you time and resources, but it can simplify the process in which your visitors, students, and staff are able to navigate throughout your organization’s campus. Gone are the days for visitors needing help finding a specific room, as each Signwave player can showcase it’s room number, and you can combine it with Readerboard on your welcome display to greet your guests with information they will need for their visit that day.