New Digital Signage Feature Release: Schedule Override

When you have a huge variety in your day to day playlists, coupled with a few (or more!) Breeze Digital Signage Players, sometimes it can get confusing on what player is playing which playlist- especially when you want to deploy new short-term content, like an emergency alert, virtual all-hands meeting, or holiday themed playlist, but don’t want to try to remember which playlist to revert back to, or have to take the time to revert to the original playlist that was on that player. To remove this frustration and confusion, we’ve created a new feature in our Breeze Digital Signage Software: schedule override. Schedule override allows you to to choose a new schedule-perhaps a time sensitive one- and allows it to then play over your main or primary schedule you have chosen, all at the click of a button.

To use this feature, first create your new playlist or schedule, then navigate to your “players” tab within your Breeze server. Then, you’ll choose the player you’d like to override, and click the schedule or playlist you’d like to use within the dropdown. Finally, you will then click “update player” to allow the changes to take effect. Once you’re finished with the duration you’d like the override to occur, you will simply choose “disabled” from the dropdown menu for schedule override within the same player settings, and update the player to revert to your original playlist.

TOTALCARE Tip: Have a lot of players you’d like to send your override to? Create a group within your players, then create a schedule override for that player group by selecting the group folder within the players tree to save time and energy!

November 14, 2022