New Breeze Digital Signage Feature Release: Email Notification

When it comes to Breeze Digital Signage, we strive to cultivate innovation, push forward thinking, and modernize Breeze as much as possible here at Keywest Technology so that it is always a breeze to use (no pun intended). In the very rare event that a player would go offline, how would you know, unless you were looking at your players screen or the physical signage display itself? We’ve created a solution in our latest software release to solve this potential problem, and inform you when your players need attention. 

Introducing: email notifications for players! This new feature will send an email notification to the emails that are listed to receive notifications in the event of a player outage or offline status. This reduces the need or desire to consistently watch the player’s status or physical display, and gives you peace of mind that you’ll know just when a player is having difficulties connecting.

If you'd like to receive updates via email for when a player goes offline, it's simple.

First, navigate to your Players tab in the left side navigation menu within your server. Now, select the player you'd like to receive notifications for, then, select "advanced settings from the options" in the player menu. Then, enter the email(s) you would like to receive notifications, separating each by a comma and space, such as:,, and choose "update player", then repeat these steps for any other players you would like to receive notifications for. Please note: an email may be added even if that email is not connected to a server user.

You will now receive emails when and if a Breeze Digital Signage Player goes offline at these markers:

  • 30 minutes
  • 3 hours
  • 1 day
  • 5 days

TOTALCARE Tip: Be sure to add email(s) to each player to ensure you get notifications for all players!

January 23, 2023