Innovative Digital Signage: Breeze + BrightSign

BrightSign has been a global leader in digital signage display hardware for quite some time now, and we here at Keywest Technology have been fortunate enough to partner with them and their BSN.Cloud product: an effective digital signage cloud based management system, pairing Breeze Digital Signage with BrightSign’s impressive lineup of digital signage display hardware. Coupling Breeze’s easy to use, simple interface with the sleek, well rounded design of BrightSign’s hardware, the partnership in unmatched in quality, design, and effectiveness, leaving you and your audience informed, educated, and most of all: happy.

Breeze Digital Signage is a user friendly digital signage product. It’s cloud based, so you’re able to update your signage from anywhere to ensure the most accurate, up-to-date information for your audience. Breeze offers a simple, drag and drop interface, designed with everyday users in mind to simplify your signage as much as possible. Even further, though, Breeze offers a wide range of widgets, design tools, and file format uploads, allowing for a large array in customization. BrightSign offers a multitude of different digital signage display options, and if you already have BrightSign, you’re in luck: you can easily integrate your existing BrightSign hardware with Breeze Digital Signage. 

BrightSign is just one of many choices when it comes to Breeze Digital Signage displays and hardware, be sure to check out our other options for innovative digital signage hardware!

November 7, 2022