Breeze Digital Signage Integrations: Inform and Entertain Your Audience!

When it comes to digital signage content, there’s nothing better than content that’s created automatically, or generated elsewhere, for you. This is one of the main benefits of utilizing one of the many available integrations for Breeze Digital Signage. Content is available or created in an integration, then pushed directly to your Breeze Digital Signage display, to share information, entertainment, and education with your audience.

Informative integrations can deliver a variety of information to your audience, including emergency alerts, through a CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) feed such as Rave Mobile Safety offers, and Microsoft PowerBI charts and reports. This allows your audience to stay informed about specific company data or reports, and also be in the loop of emergency alerts, such as weather, intruder, and office closings. Microsoft PowerBI has a widget built right into the Breeze Editor, whereas a CAP feed will be added within the Breeze Configuration panel.

Informative Integrations

March 6, 2023

Helpful integrations can support a variety of tasks for your audience, including weather, news, traffic data, and calendar events. Utilizing Screenfeed or Actionfigure will allow you to share detailed weather, news, and traffic data with your audience, and they can even see how much time it will take for an Uber to reach their location at the office.

Share a calendar of events on your main display using our Readerboard widget to let your audience know which meeting happens when, or utilize our Signwave digital door cards with an EMS integration to share what meetings or events are happening in a conference room that day or week. With a helpful integration, you'll save the time and energy of your audience, and staff resources on assisting them with things your signage can display easily. 

Helpful Integrations

An important part of digital signage that is often forgotten is entertainment. Keeping your audience entertained is just as important as keeping your audience informed, and that is easy to do with one of our many integrations for entertainment. Screenfeed has many options for entertainment, including Healthy Bites, Instagram, trivia, and more for your audience! 

Entertaining Integrations

Try out AtmosphereTV, a loop of short video channels, ranging from funny fails, heartwarming moments, cute animals, and crazy stunts, guaranteed to have options for everyone! Each of these are integrated with an API functionality inside the Breeze Configuration panel.

Digital signage content doesn’t have to be plain, boring, or uninspiring. Add one of these digital signage software integrations to your signage today, it’s as easy as a day at the beach!