Digital Signage Content Ideas for Hospitals + Healthcare Facilities

In the healthcare world, everything is constantly changing, needing an update, or opting into additions. Patients and staff alike need to be well-informed now more than ever, and there’s no easier way to update information, entertain your patients, and provide education to your staff than digital signage in your hospital, doctor’s office, assisted living, or other healthcare facility. What type of content can you show? Almost anything! Here are a few of our favorite content ideas amongst our healthcare digital signage clients.

Welcome + Directories
Welcoming patients, visitors, and staff alike can set the tone for their visit or day. Provide a welcome digital sign in your reception area or near your elevator or stairs to create a personalized touch for those who are entering into your space, including a directory, the date + time, and wayfinding information.

There’s a wide variety of ways to inform, educate, and entertain your patients, visitors, and staff in your hospital or healthcare facility. We’ve just scratched the surface here, and would love to know how you utilize signage in your hospital or healthcare facility!

March 20, 2023

Waiting Room Entertainment + Information
In today’s age, where the average person has an attention span less than 8.25 seconds, it can be very hard to keep attention and to keep someone entertained and patient while waiting. Waiting for an appointment or to be seen is harder than ever, but it doesn’t have to be. Waiting room digital signage is a simple way to improve your patient, staff, and visitor experience on a daily basis. Consider creating content including the weather, using an entertainment integration, or add important information that your audience should know.

Department Specific
Hand in hand with waiting room entertainment and information, we have department specific digital signage. In your emergency department, you can share your queue, offer up important information, such as “if you’re experiencing chest pain, please let us know immediately”, or even provide an entertainment integration to help pass the time. In your pediatric department, you may share a children’s cartoon via an HDMI input, or add in fun videos to keep children entertained and calm while waiting for their appointment.

Menu Boards
Most healthcare facilities have something in common: a cafeteria, coffee stand, or food kiosk to allow their patients, staff, and visitors to get some delicious and nutritious food for themselves or their loved ones. Menu boards are an impactful way to share your cafeteria or kiosk menu with your audience, allowing for easy updates, including removing out of stock items, adding specials, or creating themed holiday menus.

Meeting Room Management
In busy healthcare facilities, it can be difficult to know if a meeting room is readily available, or what room has which meeting. With Signwave Digital Doorcards, the guesswork is gone. Meeting room management is never easier than the simple experience of syncing your calendar or EMS with Signwave, allowing your audience to easily find meetings based upon the digital door card Signage. Have to move a meeting? No problem. Updates are a breeze with Signwave, unlike paper or other physical door cards.

In large healthcare facilities, there can be a wide variety of staff, with many having a range in shifts, hours, and free time while working in the facility. Back of House digital signage for your healthcare facility, placed in break rooms, staff rooms, and other staff-only locations, is a simple way to inform your staff in a widespread way. Give them updates on procedures, internal job openings, staff personal development, and team building information to support them. After all, your healthcare facility strives thanks to your staff members and their support.