Breeze Digital Signage Automations: On Again, Off Again

Recently, the European Union announced the requirement to have the capability to turn all displays on and off on a daily basis in order to conserve power when the displays are not being utilized. The good news? Breeze has this capability!

Breeze utilizes network commands via RD-232 or UDP/TCP, and there’s a lot of possibility with these commands. RD232 is utilizing a cable for players and screens that are in close proximity with each other, and tend to work best with one-two screens. UDP/TCP are network commands, which can be utilized for a large number of screens with a player that is not in close proximity with the player’s screens. Network commands require some more setup and an IP address, which are available through Keywest Technology, or within your own company.

If you’re looking to create an on/off command for your Breeze Digital Signage, it is very simple and straight forward. First, select your player that you’d like to send the command(s) to. Then, select your protocol, or command type, and enter all required data in the fields below. Once you have your commands complete, and all fields complete, you will then click “update” to save the command. Commands must be saved each time changes are made to be able to reflect those changes. Finally, we are able to test the network command, to determine if the correct command code was utilized. To do so, click the checkmark in the top left corner to send the command to your player to test. Command codes come from the specific display type, in order to find the correct command code, simply search online for the model number commands, or take a look at the manual for the display.

Breeze Digital Signage offers easy automation across the board for your business, and your signage. How does your Breeze digital Signage create automation and innovation for you?

September 14, 2022

In today’s world, we are all about innovation and automation. Things that can be done at a click of a button, or automatically, are considered a higher quality than others. While digital signage is a step up from traditional signage, Breeze Digital Signage is taking it a step further: automation commands for your digital signage.