Content Creation Resources for Digital Signage

If you’re looking to spice up your digital signage content, keep reading! Below you’ll find some high-quality free and paid third party resources that you can use, integrate, and work with to seriously upgrade your Breeze digital signage game!

Looking for music or free radio for your digital signage? These are some awesome options! We here at Breeze partner with CloudCover for music designed for business use. Additionally, KZZY FM Radio and KHND Classic Rock Radio make for great radio option examples. Check your local radio stations for other options! 

Feeling uninspired in your signage content creation? Get a fresh look by checking these resources out! Canva allows unlimited content creation possibilities, especially when it comes to staying on brand. Looking for an awesome new menu layout for your restaurant, or a new directory layout for your office or healthcare building? Check out DS Menu, which has tons of different templates and examples to choose from! If you’re wanting to think outside of the box with unexpected widgets and customizable templates, look into Screenfeed. Screenfeed offers a wide variety of widgets and customizable templates.

Looking for something designed specifically for Breeze? Check out our easy to use templates, ready to import and update in your server!

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Content Creation

July 18, 2022

These resources can be utilized to trim videos into segments, as well as change the format of videos. Clipchamp is a great option if you’re looking to make a large video into smaller sections, and Kapwing is ideal to change a video format (such as from AVI to MP4).


RSS feeds are great tools to inform, educate, and entertain your employees and customers! From news, to sports, to entertainment, there are a ton of options out there that offer each of these topics. For news, we recommend The New York Times, Reuters, Politico, and NPR News Now. If entertainment is more your vibe, check out Bon Appetit Recipes + More, E! Online: Celebrity News, The Dodo: For Animal People, Hubspot Marketing, and LifeHacker. To use an RSS Feed in Breeze, simply copy the URL into the RSS Feed Widget.

RSS Feeds