Common Alerting Protocol: Emergency Alerts and Digital Signage

The Keywest Technology Team is proud to share some information regarding our ability to integrate with numerous third party CAP software options as well as a new feature: creating your own CAP feed inside of Breeze, for ease of use, customizable alerts. While third-party CAP integration isn’t a new feature for Breeze, digital signage comes closer to offering more emergency alert functionality every day, and it’s a necessity in today’s world. 

The Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) allows emergency messages to be simultaneously disseminated over a wide variety of existing and emerging public alerting systems. CAP is an international technical data specification developed by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS). In addition to the basic CAP standard, a supplemental IPAWS Profile technical specification was developed to ensure compatibility with existing warning systems used in the United States. FEMA has formally adopted CAP and the IPAWS Profile to implement the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS).

What is Common Alerting Protocol? 

June 12, 2023

Breeze Digital Signage Software has the ability to utilize a CAP/EMS/IPAWs third party software to then override your signage and display emergency alerts in your area on your digital signage. This is a useful tool for universities, large corporate offices, and other larger locations who may not be able to relay information quickly to all building or area occupants. However, these alerts are typically handled exclusively by the Emergency Management Software that the user chooses to integrate, which means they are automatic based upon set criteria. What if you could send out your own alert if needed? Now, you can, by creating a manual CAP Alert within the Breeze RSS Creator. 

Breeze is CAP Compliant. What does this mean? 

Using a third party CAP Feed on your Breeze Player is very simple to do, as well as creating your own with our RSS Creator Tool. To get started, follow the steps in our comprehensive Knowledge Base. 

How can I use or create a CAP Feed on my Breeze Digital Signage software?  

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