Breeze Digital Signage + CloudCover: Reliable, Licensed Music for Your Audience

When it comes to audio resources for digital signage, it can be hard to know the ins-and-outs of legality for using music in the background. CloudCover takes the guessing out of the equation, and offers music and audio, specifically designed for business use, to ensure that the music you’re utilizing on your digital signage is royalty free, properly licensed, audience friendly, and ad free. The best part? Breeze Digital Signage integrates fully with CloudCover, making your digital signage content simple to create, and your audience's experience next level.  

Using CloudCover and Breeze together is easy. First, You'll select the Breeze player you'd like to utilize CloudCover on. Then, in the advanced settings, enter the URL of the CloudCover audio or playlist you'd like to share onto your digital signage, and finally, update the player to publish those changes. Now, you have royalty-free, fully licensed music playing on your digital signage, guaranteed to catch your audience's attention and keep them entertained. 

With Breeze Digital Signage, you'll have a number of integrations at your fingertips, to create an incredible, custom digital signage solution, designed to create interest, capture attention, and offer information to your audience, no matter who that may be. 

December 26, 2022