Breeze Digital Signage + Metadata Tagging: Smart Content At Your Fingertips

If you have multiple playlists within your Breeze Digital Signage Server that vary slightly for many different players, you know that this can get confusing, time-consuming, and sometimes even frustrating. Did you know that there's a tool built into Breeze to make this problem so much simpler, and can even allow you to have only one Breeze Playlist to use on all of your players? It's possible, using our Metadata feature. Within Breeze, “Metadata” is synonymous to tags or filters that are used to point to specific content, like images or widgets, for playlists. This allows users to ideally create one playlist that then will populate the desired content based upon the conditions, variables, and values set in place during Metadata setup. This single playlist, with varying content based upon Metadata conditions, can then be used for a number of playlists, thus saving you time, energy, and streamlining the process. 

There's some information that's important to know before we get started with metadata.

In Breeze, conditions are the specific filter, category, or item, such as: location, price, category, services offered, etc. Variables are the options within a condition, eg with a condition of “Delivery Features”, two variables could be Offers Delivery, and Does Not Offer Delivery. Values are the metadata tag entered that is connected to content to allow it to “know” when to be shown. Example: a “delivery” value entered for a specific piece of content would then allow metadata to know that the “offers delivery” media file in the file tree is to be included and shown. Below, you will find the terms and what each mean within a visual hierarchy chart: 

Using the Metadata feature within Breeze does require some setup, but once the process is complete, it's fairly low maintenance and simple to process updates. If you'd like to get started with using Metadata within your Breeze Digital Signage server, take a look at the setup steps inside our Knowledge Base.

TotalCare Tip: Did you know that the Keywest Technology Knowledge Base is a free TotalCare resource with over 100 tutorials and articles to help you make your digital signage experience a Breeze? Now you do! 

Does this feature have you ready to try out Breeze Digital Signage? Let's get started! 

February 20, 2023