Breeze Digital Signage + Microsoft PowerBI: A Perfect Pair

Welcome to the most innovative duo in digital signage: Breeze Digital Signage and Microsoft PowerBI. With this integration, you can now showcase and share data like never before on your digital signage. 

Within your business, there is often data that is important to share with your employees or clients, but it’s not always easily digestible, typically leaving your audience uninterested, uninspired, or uninformed. Enter: PowerBI, an innovative Microsoft program designed to take your data and turn it into visually stunning charts, graphics, and reports, to allow your audience to visualize the key insights of your data. The good news? PowerBI is now integrated with Breeze! Now, you can showcase your data like never before.

PowerBI Is a Microsoft program designed to take data, and turn it into charts, graphics, or reports to make it more digestible for the target audience. It also allows you to get data insights that may have been missed, which are discovered with powerful AI. Data can be imported via an Excel document, a local database, or even the cloud to optimize your data entry, and data is then sorted and organized to better represent the visual results. You can learn more about PowerBI.

How does PowerBI benefit you as a user of Breeze Digital Signage? It’s simple: we have introduced an innovative integration with PowerBI, to support the addition of your PowerBI charts, graphics, and reports within your Breeze playlists. This optimizes not only your data display, but creates a new, exciting way to use your Breeze Digital Signage. If you’re looking to show data on your digital signage, look no further. PowerBI is a dynamic resource that is now a widget within your Breeze editor, so you can drag and drop it into your playlists with ease. Learn more about using PowerBI with Breeze.

In short, the new integration of PowerBI with Breeze Digital Signage is an innovative way to share data insights with your target audience, to provide a visual aid and open up doors to potential new information otherwise missed. Using PowerBI with Breeze is simple with our drag-and-drop widgets into our digital signage building tool.

Have you used PowerBI with your Breeze Digital Signage yet?

Using PowerBI

Breeze + PowerBI

august 1, 2022