Coming Soon: Andros Wayfinder:
A Dynamic Wayfinding Solution by Keywest Technology

Navigating our world- both literally and figuratively- is a constantly changing and evolving challenge. With regular remodels to buildings, growing campuses, and offices changing, it can be a real challenge to stay up to date with static directories and stationary directional tools on your campus, in your hospital, or in your office. Here at Keywest Technology, we’ve created a solution.

Meet Andros. Andros Wayfinder is an interactive wayfinding SAAS software created with you and your visitors in mind. With dynamic routing, map customization, and a responsive web app, you can update your navigation features remotely with ease. Andros includes a simple, easy to use user interface, designed with everyone in mind, including an ADA routing tool. With the snap of a QR code, users can navigate through your campus, office, or hospital, turn by turn, room by room and step by step. You determine access rights, based on your users’ needs, to the floors, rooms, points of interest that they are able to see. Andros is there to guide your visitors in your facility, and personalized to improve their experience. Users are able to choose ADA-compliant routing to accessible routes for those who are disabled or need to avoid stairs due to strollers and dollies.

 Andros determines your location based upon your chosen start point, and displays the shortest route to your destination with points of interest or amenities available along the way. Zoom in to find exactly what you want, no wandering, no stopping to ask for directions, saving internal staff resources and time, and ensuring your visitors get where they need to go in an efficient manner. If they need to share with someone else their destination, they are able to share their route with others via email or with a copied link.

November 28, 2022

 Andros and Breeze Digital Signage go hand in hand. Create a kiosk at your entrance with your map’s QR Code to provide easy access and improve the user experience for your visitors, or add an interactive kiosk near your elevator for easy access for your users. With the combination of Breeze and Andros, the possibilities are endless!