The Dynamic Partnership Between Ad Astra and Keywest Technology

In our ever-changing digital landscape, efficiency and engagement are paramount in any professional setting, but especially for organizations that are in need of streamlining their operations and enhancing communication with employees and visitors. How can organizations make communication more efficient? One solution to this challenge is the partnership between Ad Astra and Keywest Technology. The strategic collaboration offers a new level of productivity, efficiency, and engagement, revolutionizing the way information is shared and managed within an educational organization.

October 23, 2023

As technology continues to advance, the partnership between Ad Astra and Keywest Technology will become an integral part of modern learning facilities, universities, and other educational environments. It offers an effective solution for streamlining communication, improving resource management, and enhancing engagement. This partnership aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of educational organizations seeking to boost productivity and provide exceptional experiences to employees, visitors, and students alike.

Ready to get started with digital signage so easy, you can use it at the beach?

Ad Astra’s intuitive software is an indispensable tool for any variety of educational organizations. It allows users to schedule, manage, and track meetings and events effortlessly. Their software solution has become the cornerstone of organization and time management in professional settings, allowing organizations the opportunity to save energy, time, and resources when it comes to managing meeting rooms, lecture halls, and more.

The Power of Ad Astra’s Calendar Management Software

Simply put, digital signage is a beautiful way to display visual content using high-definition screens, it has evolved from traditional static signs into dynamic, interactive displays, and continues to offer countless possibilities for presenting information, such as announcements, news updates, advertisements, and real-time data. Breeze Digital Signage is an intuitive, easy to use cloud-based SAAS digital signage program, and when integrated with Ad Astra’s calendar management software, it becomes a game-changer for schools, universities, colleges, and learning facilities.

The Impact of Breeze Digital Signage

The partnership between Ad Astra and Breeze Digital Signage is a marriage of practicality and engagement. By linking these two software offerings, organizations can streamline communication, foster a more productive work environment, and create engaging experiences for employees and visitors.

Real-time Updates and Synchronization
Organizations can display real-time updates on meeting schedules, room availability, and upcoming events. Users can check their schedules and book meetings right from Ad Astra’s software, which syncs with Signwave and Readerboard. This synchronization ensures that everyone stays informed and on the same page when it comes to room availability and scheduling. 

Enhanced Engagement
Interactive digital signage can engage employees and visitors with dynamic content, making the environment more stimulating. From company announcements to live social media feeds or news updates, digital signs grab attention and encourage interaction, resulting in a more informed and engaged audience.

Streamlined Resource Management
Using Ad Astra’s calendar and event management software helps organizations efficiently allocate resources such as meeting rooms, lecture halls, and other spaces. When integrated with Breeze Digital Signage, users can quickly see the availability of these spaces on the screens in the lobby, hall, or even directly next to the rooms with digital doorcards. This reduces scheduling conflicts, making it easier to manage resources effectively.

The Dynamic Partnership

The Future of Efficient Communication