3 Ways
Digital Signage Increases ROI

If you’re on the fence about using digital signage for your business or organization, it can be beneficial to learn about how digital signage can increase the ROI of your business. Keep reading to learn the top three ways digital signage increases ROI for your business, your employees, & your organization.

On average, brands see an over 80% increase in information retention from customers and employees, and a 47% increase in brand awareness and recognition from existing and potential customers. Why? This is because our brains process visual information- that is, with dynamic text, colors, photos, or videos- at 600 times that of text-only information. What does this mean? This means that customers- and employees- can learn, absorb, and recognize more information with digital signage, than ever possible with billboards, paper, or other types of signs.

With Breeze digital signage, updates can occur at a moment’s notice. Need to provide a meeting room change to your employees, or let your customers know that you have ran out of the limited edition item they’re in line to purchase? Digital signage can be updated immediately, whereas traditional signage would need to be reprinted, repainted, or simply taken down, not providing any information at all. Additionally, digital signage can offer different accessibility for customers and employees, such as text for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, sound for those with vision impairment, and limited face-to-face interaction for those with autism or anxiety.

There is nothing more frustrating about waiting in long lines, full waiting rooms, or having a boring breakroom. When using digital signage, brands and businesses see an increase of customer and employee happiness, because there is an option for interest, entertainment, and information, thus taking their focus off of their wait time or less-than-interesting breakroom. Waiting room digital signage can offer news and weather updates, important information about the location or business, and even streaming feeds from fun third party resources for entertainment.

Digital signage is an incredible, innovative information solution that increases customer and employee happiness, retention rates, and brand recognition. It also offers easy updates & accessibility for potential disabilities. Breeze Digital Signage is a one-of-a-kind solution that will check all of your digital signage use boxes.

Increased Retention & Recognition

Ease of Updates & Accessibility

Overall Happiness Increase

July 27, 2022